Partner with our team to optimize your supply chain.

If you are setting up a new warehouse facility, expanding an existing facility or moving to a new location, it is important to get it right the first time. From product and personnel to building and code compliance requirements, we at Optimized Warehouse Solutions (OWS) know each warehouse is unique and has its own special challenges and budget. Based on the customer’s vision, our facility study, and our 20 years of experience, OWS will define the key components of the facilities supply chain. We utilize in-house developed tools and employ state-of-the-art software to optimize the facility so that each component is engineered for its unique requirements. Review the tiles below to better understand our approach, and then contact us with your supply chain challenges.

What We Do

  • When designing a facility plan, our goal is to utilize every square inch of space, create a specific location for every item and plan for the right amount of staffing to ensure a quality output.
  • A successful facility design starts with a facility study of products, processes, labor standards, ERP/WMS Systems, storage design, in-bound products and out-bound products.


We get it. When it is time to optimize your supply chain, set up a new warehouse facility, or relocate an existing one, the cost can be significant. We also understand that it is not just about equipment, software and building leases. It is about your product and how it integrates with the equipment, software, procedures, code compliance, business rules, culture, individuals and most importantly your customer. CLICK HERE to read more.