We at Optimized Warehouse Solutions want to take the guesswork out of the successful implementation of a facility design project for your existing or relocated warehouse. We know that without the proper understanding of equipment, installation and knowledge of state and national code compliance, customers often find themselves after the project is completed with substandard equipment, insufficient installation of materials and a facility that is out of compliance. Once we have the end-to-end facility plan designed, we will write the RFQ. We ensure that all bidders have a clear understanding of the components that need to be purchased and the procedures necessary for installation. With the grand size of supply chain projects, just one oversight can turn into one or more expensive change orders. Our goal with the facility study is to write a RFQ to avoid any future change orders unless there is a change in the scope of work for your facility design project.

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Benefits of a bid package

Having our team construct the bid packet, your company will know that the materials, and installation and will meet the quality and standards required for the project.

  • Engineered Bill of Materials
  • Clear Description of Scope of Work
  • Materials and Installation Meet Seismic Requirements
  • Incorporate Existing Materials that meet system requirements
  • All Bidders are Quoting Apples to Apples
  • Avoids Unnecessary Change Orders

Partner with our team to optimize your supply chain.