A successful facility design starts with a facility study of products, processes, labor standards, ERP/WMS Systems, storage design, in-bound products and out-bound products. OWS’s experienced team of warehouse design specialists conduct facility studies that identify the most effective way a company can streamline their supply chain. We specialize in manufacturing, parts distribution, e-commerce or any business whose shippable product is different from the way it is received.

OWS conducts each study by capturing the size, weight, velocity and fire commodity rating for each item being stored within the facility. For example, in a manufacturing facility, this would include the raw materials, WIP, packaging materials and lastly, the shippable product. In a parts distribution warehouse, we would look at the pallet, master cartons, cartons and the actual selling unit. This information serves as a basis for us to re-engineer the end-to-end supply chain and design a facility plan that best meets the warehouse business needs.

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Benefits of a Facility Study

With the extensive amount of information needed to properly streamline a supply chain, you must make sure the data is accurate. Our team assists in capturing the right data to ensure a successful deliverable.

  • All SKU Characteristics (Velocity, Size, Weight & Commodity Listing)
  • Replenishment Rates
  • Existing Inventory
  • Building Specifications
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Picking and Replenishing Methods

Partner with our team to optimize your supply chain.