When it comes to government regulations, Southern California is among the most stringent regions in the nation. These requirements include high pile storage, structural, and handicapped accessibility. Because of OWS’s expertise in this area, we automatically incorporate our knowledge of these requirements into the design process.  We understand not every part of the country will be as stringent with code compliance; but if your project needs permit services, OWS has the experience, engineers and staff to ensure your design is engineered correctly. We make sure that every component is designed to meet the appropriate structural requirement. Every storage array is designed to meet NFPA 13 standard sprinkler system fire codes for product commodity, sprinkler density and storage height. In addition, every building is evaluated to determine if it meets egress requirements and ADA compliance. OWS considers adjustments for code compliance an essential part of the overall facility design package that we deliver.

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Benefits of permit services and code compliance

OWS incorporates code compliance into every facility design. Understanding and incorporating these codes into our design greatly reduces the risk expensive change orders, and reduced efficiencies.

  • Title 24
  • Fire
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Commodity
  • Seismic
  • Structural

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