In our industry, there are many methods to developing and managing projects. OWS uses LEAN Six Sigma, a methodology that streamlines manufacturing and production processes by eliminating steps that do not add direct value to the product lifecycle. The methodology is both intuitive and easy to implement in a collaborative team environment. For this reason, we certify our team members in varying degrees of LEAN Six Sigma which was designed to achieve a 97% success rate. Our team is trained to deep-dive into every component of a complex facility in an approach that most companies do not have the resources or time to complete. At this level, OWS is able capture component traits that we can use to make meaningful changes or improvements. We pair this information with the customer’s knowledge, our experience and optimization tools to develop a plan that is truly customized to the business needs and value.

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Benefits of Project Development and Management

Using the LEAN Six Sigma methodology means we have a clear understanding of what the end product should look like and who is going to be in charge of the steps that will lead us to a successful deliverable.

  • Define Scope of Work
  • Measure Variables
  • Analyze Variables
  • Explore Options and Design Plan
  • Execute Plan
  • Analyze Results and Adjust for Continuous Improvements

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