There are many variables involved in determining the best approach for implementing an end-to-end supply chain. To assist, OWS utilizes a simulation tool to run what-if scenarios and perform sensitivity analysis to determine what risks and roadblocks are present in developing a fully optimized facility. Simulation works by using visual software to replicate the behavior of a business system, which allows us to examine how the system operates under multiple scenarios. Furthermore, OWS models a scenario using three different approaches: discrete event, agent-based and systems dynamic modeling. Each approach provides a unique understanding of the end-to-end supply chain and used collectively, best replicates the steps and components of supply chain. Simulation models are deliverables to our customer after the project is complete. As part of the deliverable, we build in slider bars that replicate any critical volume metric that would require adjustments to the operation.  Thus, our customers are able to model their business trends long after we have left, giving them a powerful way to optimize and maintain their future end-to-end supply chain.

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Benefits of Simulation

OWS’s simulation software can model the smallest details which means you can now truly model multiply facility design to ensure your implementing the right equipment and processes.

  • Simulate What if Scenarios
  • Model Stays with The Customer with Key Adjustable In-Puts
  • Integrates with Maps to Model Receiving and Deliveries
  • Clear 3D Rendering with Animation
  • No Software Purchase Required
  • Know the solution will work before ever moving in

Partner with our team to optimize your supply chain.