Properly sizing and slotting a new or relocated warehouse is a vital step to achieving maximum facility optimization. It starts with a slotting analysis, where OWS measures the velocity of each SKU to properly size the storage, fulfillment and staging areas of a warehouse. Using an AutoCAD 3-D model, we physically slot every SKU for particular characteristics. This 3-D simulation modeling enables us to propose the right amount of equipment based on analytics of actual need versus a best guess.

OWS has found that there is no better investment for maximizing warehouse space than sizing and slotting the facility. While this is an important investment to make for present facility optimization, it also assists in future planning. By pairing the original slotting analysis with updated sales history, forecast data or storage technologies, our customers are able to quickly and accurately respond to changing market trends.

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Benefits of Slotting and Sizing

Having the ability to capture the size and velocity of their product, gives a company the tools they need to measure and control their two largest expenses of their P&L, Labor and Warehouse Space.

  • SKU Size, Weight and Velocity
  • Incorporating Forecast or Historical Data
  • Equipment Selection
  • Directive Put-Away
  • 3-D Model
  • Travel paths

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